Friday, January 13, 2012

Astronomy Cast 1

Galileo Galilei

     While reading over this astronomy cast, I was surprised that I actually learned a lot.  In his early years, Galileo was pushed to be a priest by his father but he instead chose to attend the University of Pisa to go to medical school.  There he decided to go into mathematics and he also studied art.  In the midst of things, he insulted the church and there was some conflict in his life due to that.  He taught geometry, mechanics, and astronomy until 1610.  He also had three children, all with the same woman, two of which were girls.  Another thing I learned about Galileo was that he was the first to observe Saturn's rings or "ears" since he thought they looked like handles.  I also learned that he was rather cocky, I suppose I would be too with his list of accomplishments.  What I found most interesting about this podcast were the facts about Galileo's personal life and personality because that's not really something we learn about in the classroom.

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