Tuesday, March 27, 2012


     Yesterday, we were told in class to step outside (at night) to see Jupiter and Venus in conjunction because it was the last night we would have a good view of this event.  Although I had seen this over spring break pretty clearly since I was able to stay up later, I decided to go out last night and look for Jupiter, Venus, and the moon.  I drove a bit past my neighborhood since it is well lit and once I got to a spot on the road where it was dark I pulled over (I was not alone) and stepped out of my car.  I was able to see Jupiter and Venus in a straight line with the moon rather clearly.  My mom (who was with me) was also able to see it and she was quite surprised because she really has no idea what to look for.  It was definitely an interesting and beautiful thing to see/share and I'm glad there was something different to observe.

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